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Welcome to Fox College of Business, your best choice to learn practical knowledge in the commercial world.  Fox College of Business is the first school in the world that provides lease audit program to accounting, legal and real estate professionals all over the world.   We are specialized in real estate, management, finance and marketing.


Fox College of Business is a private business college certified by the Human Resources and Skills Development Canada; which means our certificate and diploma courses are eligible for tuition tax credit.  We are committed to provide the most flexible learning method to students.  There is no minimum class requirement.  In order to accommodate students’ preference on place and time, we offer one on one lecture at a venue close to the student's place without any additional cost.


All professors of Fox College of Business are industry practitioners and subject-matter experts with years of experience in the field they teach.  They hold a master degree related to the field they teach, or a bachelor degree plus a professional designation in the subject they are specialized.  As a result, we are one of the few business schools that can deliver top quality programs to employees at all levels, from clerical staff to top executives.


All presentations of our professors are interesting, informative and practical. Knowledge and skills are therefore easy to be digested by students, and they can apply the knowledge and skills in the course to their daily practices to improve their work performance immediately after finishing the course.


Most of our programs are five days in duration or less, and students can pick their own schedule to finish their course without affecting their work.


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Certificate in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion New


Certificate in TEFL/TESL/TESOL Free of Charge


Certificate in Lease Audit (the first lease audit course in the world)







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