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Putting People First ®



One of our most popular training courses.  This acclaimed course is designed specifically for executives, front-line managers, sales and customer service staffs.  This course brings benefits to everyone regardless of their roles.  It helps increase the productivity of all internal and external staffs by improving the skills essential to relationship building, motivation, front-line management and selling.  Through thinking positively and acting differently, students will return to their daily life motivated with higher efficiency and better attitudes.


With the help of the numerous examples of successful leaders, you will acquire the practical experience in engaging and in motivating others in your personal life as well as in your job.


At the end of the program, students will be able to:


Value the importance of good human relationship.

Lead a team from examples of successful leaders.

Improve one’s mental and physical health.

Motivate one-self and think positively.

Increase the chances for success.

Improve relationships with family, friends, colleagues and ultimately with clients.

Understand existence of competitions and how to cope with them.

Provide good customer service for both internal and external customers.

Establish and maintain rapport with internal and external customers.

Motivate the others to form a team.

Create a friendly environment where everyone is happy and productive.

Course Highlights


Importance of Putting People First.

Maintenance of Our Mental and Physical Health.

Common characteristics of a few great leaders.

Positive Thinking

The One Minute Rule

Concept of Equilibrium and Competition

What makes a customer satisfied?

Establishing and maintaining rapport.

Be a leader.


Cost (HST not included)

Lecture: $1,450

Corporate Plan: Enrollment for 2: 10% discount

                      Group of 3 to 6: $3,500 per group



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